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Providing Consigning to Canada Customers for Years

Ward's Auctions has years of experience providing consigning to Canadian residents. We are bonded for consigner protection, and auctions are our only business. More importantly, we have a track record of excellence, ensuring our customers experience a seamless auction process and the best deal possible. Consigning is an excellent way to get rid of older items you no longer need. We will sell your things, and you will receive a fair percentage of the sale price. Over the years, we have helped countless customers with our consignment services.

We Can Consign Anything and Get You Top Dollar

We have the versatility and experience to consign virtually anything. We have auctioned everything from power tools to rare and vintage liquors, making us Canada’s most reputable auctioneering company. We designed our consignment process for your convenience and to generate the best sale possible for you. Our flexibility means we can handle a wide range of items, including:

We Always Deliver for Our Customers

Consigning is an excellent way to trim your possessions and make room for newer things. Whether you are moving and want to make the move easier and less stressful, or you are upgrading your living room with new couches, our services are essential. You can count on our team. There’s a reason why we remain Canada’s top auction company. We always deliver on our promises.

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